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Child Care Mission

Open Day Shelter for Children
Cradle Point
Educational Sponsorship
RSM Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan: SSA Centres for the out of school children.

Women's Mission

Valuable to Jesus
Grace Drop In Centre

Youth Mission

Counselling Centre

Located at the office of Reach Shillong Ministries, Laitumkhrah,this programme provides a holistic approach to the problems faced by today's youth.Spiritual counselling is provided to the distressed youths along with clinical psychology and psychiatry help.

The Ministry conducts talks, in depth study and inter-active sessions, on personal and societal issues and problems faced by teenagers today.

Project Counselling Centre

Counselling centres have been set up by the Ministry in the year 2012, dedicated to God to serve people belonging to the third target group, i.e., Youth in need of direction in life. This Project provides two facilities for members of this group.

School Students Reach Out

The Ministry conducts talks, in depth study and inter-active sessions, on personal and societal issues and problems faced by teenagers today.


Objectives of the Specialized Adoption Agency

About the Agency

The process of Adoption in our state is neither professional or legal. Adoption is done on the basis of mutual understanding between families or through hospitals by handing the baby over to prospective parents. Thus, this lead to insecurity of the child. No follow up or records on the whereabouts of the child is maintained.

An important aim of the Specialized Adoption Agency(SAA) is to reduce the placement of abandoned, orphan, surrendered children in an institutional setup. The absence of the SAA, results in a large percentage of the abandoned, orphan and surrendered children being placed in an institutional setup, which could prove detrimental to the child's physical, mental and emotional growth.

A well organized body is required to tackle the rising number of abandoned children & orphans in the state. Reach Shillong Ministries, through its project Lawei Baphyrnai Children Home, accommodates 15 children. 6 of them are abandoned. The question that comes up every time we interact with these children is "Where are they going to go, a few years down the line?". This is where the SSA comes in.

The SSA provides a home and a family to children who don't have one. It also handles cases of children who have suffered abuse. It gives love to neglected children who have never known love. In order to make sure that all the above are met, Proper Monitoring is important.

The SSA ensures that all adoptable children in all Child Care Institutions (CCIs) are brought into the adoption system; The SSA aims to change the common perception on Adoption. Adoption is often regarded as taboo. It is something people don’t discuss openly. Consequently it leads to stigma. Thus, by having a SAA, the Agency can motivate people to adopt by organizing training and development activities to spread awareness about the Programme.

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Cradle Points

Reports & Newsletters

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"Our Christian faith is the foundation for all we do and we strive to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ”

Reach Shillong Ministries (RSM) is a Christian Voluntary Ministry registered as a society under the Meghalaya Societies Registration Act, and was established on the 14th November 2007.

Core Belief: The Holy Trinity, The Bible and Salvation in Jesus alone. Vision Statement: Lives transformed to the best through Jesus Christ. Our Mission: Reaching People, Touching lives.

Target Groups:

  • 1. Children in need of care and protection.
  • 2. Female Sex workers (FSWs)
  • 3. Young people in Shillong in need of direction and fellowship in life.


  • Main Objectives
  • i) Provide sustainable development and empowerment of people especially those falling within our Target Groups.
  • ii) Capacity building and communication within the society amongst different communities.

  • Secondary Objectives
  • i) Organise, mobilize, empower and train the less privileged people living in Shillong.
  • ii) To promote a spirit of harmony among diverse culture and communities.

Executive Board

The Ministry is managed by an Executive Board which is constituted of the following members:

  • Revd. Reuben G. Laloo - President/Advisor
  • Mrs. Candida Kharsyntiew - Coordinator i/c Projects
  • Mr. Ralph L. Lyngdoh - Coordinator i/c Administration
  • Mr. David Laloo - Coordinator i/c Finance
  • Mrs. Jennyfer P. Tham - Coordinator i/c Publications
  • Mrs. Siewdor G. Lyngdoh -Coordinator i/c Lawei Baphyrnai Children Home
  • Mr. Wyatt I. Yatbon - Coordinator i/c Land and Building
  • Mrs G. Pyngrope - Coordinator i/c Open Day Shelter

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